30 August 2014

01 August 2014

ALYoF - August Goal

I've been struggling with goals lately. I'm so invested in the farmer's market and making monkeys but those don't really count towards ALYoF goals. Also, I got an email from All for the love of yarn the other day and I was so confused because their tag is AFLoY which is exactly the same letters as the Finishing party's but rearranged. WOAH! 

August my goal is going to be making 2 hoops. I know the finishing goals have to be for one thing but I won't count it if I don't get both. There is a Hoopla-a-long on Craftster and I've been wanting to participate in it but it hasn't been anywhere near the top of my priorities. Well this month it is! July's theme was "food" and I had an idea for it that I really wanted to make but didn't get to. August's theme is "whimsical" and I have no idea what I'm going to do but I will do it! Those are my goals! I already picked the hoops and fabric today so there is no stopping me now!

July's has to do with the alpaca fleece I cleaned, oohh... food? Alpaca? Where am I going with this?

31 May 2014

May Complete!

May Goals: 
1: Dresses Complete! 

2: 20 Monkeys Complete! I could have done more, but I had to work on those dresses.

3: Yarn complete! No photo of it, but he library does have the "Fizz! Boom! READ!" yarn for the year. 

June Goals?
Well, I have a couple 1 inch stitcheries to make that aren't really on my goals list any more than feeding the kids but I'm going to stitch them!
And I need to get at least 30 monkeys done this month.
And I'm going to dive into the new bag of alpaca soon. That's going to be an adventure! 
But I don't know what my real "goal" will be for the month, ALYoF wise. Hmm, We will see what happens.

30 April 2014

ALYoF: April Finishes/March Goals

How did I do on April's Goals? Well...

1) My Picnic Quilt Top was finished on time! I didn't win but I did finish the top so in a way I guess I did win.

2) The Hoop for my Craftster Swap was finished almost 2 weeks late. Boo... but considering all of the life that happened last month I'm not too upset about it. I totally meant to take a picture of it, though, and totally spaced it until I was sending the Sent! message. There were lots of French knots!

3) Pillows! They are so done! This was my mail goal for the Lovely Year of Finishes party so Hurrah! 
 Here they are Quilted...

 And here they are all bound up! I'm not going to send the pillow forms with them to SA because that would be way more expensive, but I am still going to donate them to the ALSA. 

4) Monkeys: I just now finished up getting the rest of the monkeys into the Hooker Stage. So many! 6 full boxes of Hookers in my stair well. 

5) The Temple Dresses did not get done. BUT I have another month to work on them so I'm not too upset. Like I mentioned, LOTS of life happened this month so it's cool if I missed 1 goal of 5. 

 80% is not bad for a month with that many of those kinds of goals, eh? 

So what about May?

1) Temple Dresses! Yup, gonna get them done with month. And they will be my official "goal" for the month as well. 

2) Monkeys: I need to get at least 20 monkeys done in May. At least. Hopefully my number will way surpass that but with how much life happened in April and how I am expecting to happen in May, I will be realistic. Included in that 20, however, needs to be at least 1 mini-monkey and the monkey for the Library's reading program.

3) Speaking of the reading program, my third and last goal for the month will be to finish this Yarn I've started that I want to donate to the library. The theme this year is "Fizz, Pop, Read" and is supposed to be a science theme. The shirts are going to be black with neon green so I'm designing another black yarn with neon bubbles. I've made I think 12oz of this yarn before and sent them to a friend in a personal swap, but that stuff had pink in it and this time I'm only going blue and green. I would omit the blue but I don't know if I have enough green to do the whole thing. The monkey I have planned is going to match the yarn.

Not too much for May. I think these 3 things are highly attainable, hopefully even surpass-able, and I'm excited to get started! But even if I don't get more done than I have set, even meeting all 3 of these I think will make me feel very successful. 

01 April 2014

Cutting it Close: HQMelisssa's QAL finished!

It's tempting to go ahead and link this into each of the week's  but since I'm not posting each step as I finish I'll just link the last one. Here it is! I'm done with it! Now on to the other 4 goals of the month, and possibly a road trip and a new house mate. Wooo!

27 March 2014

ALYoF: March complete! April goals.

So I finished my quilt for the ALSA Battle with Flowers Fiesta Event but not in time for this year. But they have the event every year so I will still be sending it in to them. I don't even get to go this year so it's just as well, right? It's always more satisfying to send stuff in when you get to go and see it up for auction and keep obsessively checking to see how much it is going for, right?

I'm not perfectly happy with the results of this quilt, but I did learn a lot. Every time I see it, though, all I see are my mistakes. *sigh*

It's all hand quilted, mostly by myself. I tell ya, at one point I just stopped mid-stitch and lay down in the sunshine on the floor with the dog. It sucked doing this all by myself with a deadline! I had a couple people come help but not enough, I say! 

So there is my Lovely Finish for the Month of March. Now I will tell you my goals for April! I have lots of them! Lots of motivation to get them done, too. Here's the list:

Picnic quilt top: By Wednesday, Apr 2 I have to have this done in time to get entered into the drawing for the 4 $75 gift certificates. YES PLEASE! Thank you HQMelissa! I'm over a month behind, ugh. I can do it! Kids, leave me the hell alone until Wednesday, right?

Hoop: I am currently in a hoop swap and have to have this hoop done by April 14th. Have plans. We'll see how they pan out. 

Temple Dresses for the girls: We were planning to get sealed next weekend in the San Antonio temple but plans have changed. Now we're shooting for the end of May, near our original wedding date. Yay! I still need to alter my wedding dress for it but more than that I want to make dresses for the girls, maybe a suit for the boy, but the dresses I want to have done by the end of April.

Pillows: To send with the quilt above to the auction next year I have 2 single blocks made that I am going to quilt and make into pillows! I'm not looking forward to it but my goal is to get them done by the end of April too. That's my official goal. I have the other 2 goals that have date but this one is officially my April ALYoF goal. Woo! Look, here's a picture of the blocks:

Monkeys: I sell sock monkeys at the farmer's market in the summer. I have well over 100 monkeys in different stages all around my house. Seriously, I was trying to keep them contained in the craft room but not only did we have to move lots of shtuff out of there because of upstairs plumbing issues, but there are so many monkeys I can't keep them all in there! Some are in the living room, some are in the "common area" outside the craft room, some are even in the ballroom stairwell! They are all in all stages from cut socks to finished monkeys, though I'll be honest: not very many are completely finished. My last goal for the month of April is to get them all at least to the Hooker stage, which is what I call them when they just need faces. Faceless bodies = hookers. So I have some to sew, some to stuff, and a bunch to assemble, my least favorite step. I want to start designing faces May 1st. That's the plan. I'm excited. 

And those are my goals! I'm not allowed to start cleaning up my craft space, or the space outside of it, or the office, or work on anything else until those things are done. Let's hope I don't burn out first. ;)