30 November 2014

ALYoF Nov goal Met (mostly)

That Fabric I was all mad about not getting use on the dress I wanted to because the pattern was crap? Yeah, there wasn't enough for a dress anyway! So I found some other dramatic and ugly fabric to make a dress with. 

My dearest husband, love of my life, eternal companion, told me it makes me look 70. I'M ONLY 30. Lovely.

I have been working on making a shirt out of the original fabric but with my mom and sister coming in for my 8 year old Russell boy getting baptized it didn't work out too well. Ah, well. It will happen.

07 November 2014

ALYoF - November Goal

So I have been given a lot of fabric, even more since I moved into this giant house. The last fabric, copious amounts of it I might add, came from an old lady from church who had moved to a nursing home. In it was some horribly ugly fabric, lots of it. I don't even know why I kept it. I've been going through my fabric recently, trying to get it in totes so I can stack it easier and the cat can't pee on it all, and I found this horrible stuff, red and purple and green and just all around ugly. Then I was going though my large suitcase of hand-me-down sewing patterns and found a dress pattern that I desperately wanted to make. It was knee length, v-neck, long bell sleeves with slits up to the elbows... amazing! And suddenly I wanted to use that super ugly fabric to make this dress. They just wanted to be together! So much for hating it, right? I kept telling myself if I made it through all of my Halloween sewing (we went with a Despicable Me 2 theme this year) then I could make my dress. Great. November first I was so excited. I pulled out my pattern, opened all the papers and SH*T. Whoever had the pattern before me (my guess is Sharon Welz, I got a lot of patterns from her) altered it in a manner that I could not salvage. And there was no instruction sheet, which yeah I could wing it but I had a fire going so in the pattern went! I was sad. I went through all my other patterns looking for one that would satisfy my desire for a new dress but alas, none was to be found. So I decided to organize my patterns and in the process found some I had forgotten about in a different part of the HELL that my craft room is and found a pattern that will be sufficient. Not perfect by any means, but I have some kind of feeling toward it at least. 

My goal this month is to get this dress done. I want to wear it with my purple nylons and combat boots. Yes, please!

31 October 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Hand Quilted Flowers

Last minute entry, as is my forte. HQMelissa just posted yesterday to let me know what I was missing out on. Apparently there is an online quilt show, the Blogger's Quilt Festival, going on right now. How exciting! This is my first ever finished quilt I am entering into the Hand Stitched category.

I made this quilt following along on Happy Quilting Melissa's Star Surround QAL last year. I love QALs! It's the only way I manage to finish a top. I didn't get the quilting done until this year, and I didn't manage to finish in in the time frame I had wanted to. My intention was to get to the ALSA of South Texas before April so it could be in their Fiesta Flowers event. It didn't happen, but because it didn't happen I got to deliver it in person when I visited San Antonio in person and that was exciting.

Each block is 32" wide. I decided to make it more a flower instead of a star because of it's intended destination. I think if I had used a color other than the green it would have been better, but picking colors with 3 children hanging on you is hell. I think the green still works. I tried to have a quilting party to get it done but only 4 people came to help. This is a queen size! I did most of the stitching myself. Let me tell you, I had to take a break and lay on the dog in the sunny window at one point because it was just so... Maybe if I hadn't had to get it out of the ballroom for a birthday party I could have let it linger and enjoyed the stitching more.

I also made this 24" pillow cases to go with it. 

30 August 2014

01 August 2014

ALYoF - August Goal

I've been struggling with goals lately. I'm so invested in the farmer's market and making monkeys but those don't really count towards ALYoF goals. Also, I got an email from All for the love of yarn the other day and I was so confused because their tag is AFLoY which is exactly the same letters as the Finishing party's but rearranged. WOAH! 

August my goal is going to be making 2 hoops. I know the finishing goals have to be for one thing but I won't count it if I don't get both. There is a Hoopla-a-long on Craftster and I've been wanting to participate in it but it hasn't been anywhere near the top of my priorities. Well this month it is! July's theme was "food" and I had an idea for it that I really wanted to make but didn't get to. August's theme is "whimsical" and I have no idea what I'm going to do but I will do it! Those are my goals! I already picked the hoops and fabric today so there is no stopping me now!

July's has to do with the alpaca fleece I cleaned, oohh... food? Alpaca? Where am I going with this?

31 May 2014

May Complete!

May Goals: 
1: Dresses Complete! 

2: 20 Monkeys Complete! I could have done more, but I had to work on those dresses.

3: Yarn complete! No photo of it, but he library does have the "Fizz! Boom! READ!" yarn for the year. 

June Goals?
Well, I have a couple 1 inch stitcheries to make that aren't really on my goals list any more than feeding the kids but I'm going to stitch them!
And I need to get at least 30 monkeys done this month.
And I'm going to dive into the new bag of alpaca soon. That's going to be an adventure! 
But I don't know what my real "goal" will be for the month, ALYoF wise. Hmm, We will see what happens.